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Ripoff programmer please read

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Ripoff programmer please read
Ive bought a megaproxy.com clone script from a REALLY BAD PROGRAMMER

Just wanted to tell you that DADJOCK on scriptlance.com was paid 600$USD from PAYPAL. He never did anything. Ive been waiting for 2 1/2 months now for the script (the agreed deadline was for 2 weeks... ALREADY paid in FULL)

Everyday he said that I would get the script the next day and he always had far-fetched excuses not to deliver the script. ( I have a hilarious 60K log to prove this ) For sure, DANIEL (most probably a fake name) gave me also FALSE phone numbers and address for 'support'
He pretended he had a company and once he got the money I was never able to speak to him directly again. They even pretended for a while they would refund my 600$ . He even told me that he could'nt send the script because he had FORGOTTEN my email.. (we were on MSN at the time he told me that. lol)

At the beginning of the project, I was supposed to pay him in full at THE END but He insisted for the last 50% of the money saying I would get the script the next day. He never did

He also offer web hosting and isp services claiming to be on of the biggest ISP in british columbia. What a joke !

Web Services, ProEx101
101-4305 Bellevue Dr.
Vernon, British Columbia V1T 9J2
(403) 250-1164

Note: just after that this message was sent on scriptlance.com Daniel finally spoke to me saying that he'll
be able to refund me from paypal if I SEND HIM 60$ TO PAY HIS PAYPAL FEE (Im not going to pay a ripoff to get a refund)
Dear Daniel if you're not even able to pay 60$ dont expect people to beleive you can send 600$US
I told me that the payment will be delayed by 1 or 2 days if I dont pay his paypal fee. We're one week after actually

That is not the first time someone complains about his 'services' on this board
We stongly suggest that you use ANY programmer BUT HIM so I'll be the last one.

While waiting charges will be brought against him

And don't worry DANIEL Canadian laws allow for this kind of 'public complaint against fraudulous companies'

Sorry for my bad english

Merry Christmas !
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Re: [luckylukas] Ripoff programmer please read In reply to

You can simpy file a chargeback, most banks, credit card companies, and even paypal offer that!
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Re: [xpert] Ripoff programmer please read In reply to
Hmm... good to know. He's one of the top rated programers there...
I Am What I AM (Not a Programmer)
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Re: [luckylukas] Ripoff programmer please read In reply to
I have been trying to find out the location of this jerk for months, ever since he extorted money from my company months ago. He sold me rights to a script and a few days after I paid him he tried to extort more, and we are not taking about a few dollars. It was hundreds.

It turned out that the scripts he sold me are un usable. They contain major security bugs and the scripts are very badly written.

I have tried to get my money back but did not know his location. He had lied at the time as to where he was and finding him in Vernon is great! Originally he claimed he was in my province (Calgary, Alberta).

Myself I am located in Alberta, Canada which is about 6 hours away from Vernon, BC, Canada which puts me in the ability to take legal action against him.

If anyone else is trying to recover money from this person please let me know. We may be able to proceed through BC Small Claims court to recover the funds and if enough evidence can be gathered about his practises, Fraud charges through the RCMP are also an option.
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Re: [luckylukas] Ripoff programmer please read In reply to
This is your guy:

ProEx101 Web Services
Daniel Nelson (webmaster@xlancers.com)
Fax: +1.5013250584
5116 Valiant Pl. N.W.
Calgary, Alberta T3A0L6


Founder and CEO

LionsGate Creative
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Re: [luckylukas] Ripoff programmer please read In reply to
Thats the Whois information from his domains. The phone number he also gave above (Vernon location) is Calgary based, but he is not there as has not been since I got involved with him. He claimed he was, but wasn't. I actually live in Calgary, Alberta myself and he is not here. His IP address is from a Shaw Cable network in the Okanagan. He tried to use his location in Calgary to threaten legal action against me if I did not pay him.

I just had a reply today from Rene at Scriptlance who informed me that his IP addresses on file have been banned from the site. They had considered legal action because SmarterCGI's got left with major amounts of refunds on the PHP freelancers script when almost all their customers demanded their money back. He took off with a big chunk of the profits before SmarterCGI's knew what was going on. His script he wrote is absolute garbage. Any major programmer on Scriptlance can tell you they have worked with it (fixing bugs), and it's poorly written and a nightmare to deal with. So much that it's unfixable and Daniel knows that. A new version was never released and he is still trying to con people into buying it.

I do have a programmer/System's admin who is a friend that lives in Kelowna, BC who has given some information as to his where about. Daniel Nelson is his name, at least that's the name that was on his checks.

When I paid him it was through an Interac Email Money Transfer to the Royal Bank of Canada so I have his account number. If I don't get the money I paid back and do have to hire an investigator to track him down, then I will be going to the RCMP and persue fraud charges so they can get his information through the bank. He won't get far. He may feel like no one can do anything, but I will and I now have several other people he's ripped off who will also. I can be a very vendictive person and he tried to use his location in Canada to threaten me, but because I am in Canada, I can go after him.