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Well i fail to decipher the western defined "developed nations" in light of following:

Scenario: ICC World Cup, Last Indian Match In Super Sixes Stage:

Channel: SetMax /Sony TV

Expert Panel: Toney Greig (A Celebrity who played for Developed British Nation), Arjuna Ranatunga (Ex Sri Lanka Captain), Kapil Dev (Ex Indian captain), Arun Lal etc

Host: Mandira Bedi (Indian Model & Actress) & Charu Sharma.

During break session, Charu Just asked what color dress Mandira would be wearing in the Semi finals that India was to play next.

All from so called "Un Developed Nations" replied in a dignified manner stating their speculation about the color of the dress.

And Toney Greig, The great Celebrity Of the Great British Nation Raped the Indian Culture:

He Said Quote Unquote:

"Blue Won't go with your complexion ....... Why don't you come topless"

That Senile old man showed the British arrogance of White Skin trying to insult a Non White On Air... Perhaps he has some dna strain of jack the ripper so he suggested that Shameful "Top Less" proposition.

Charu Sharma in a dignified manner said "Tony I think Britishers Love Ties" .... But Tony was too shameless to take the hint. We would definitely not say this on Air to any women be it black, chocolate, white or yellow.

Arjuna Ranatunga was so embarassed that he simply shied away from answering.

I know given the history of arrogance even you would let it pass or probably would put up an excuse that he is an Australian Citizen.... Well he is a Britisher in blood....and played under ECB contract representing Britain @ England

So thats how Western World tries to rape. And surprisingly all those women activist organization never talked about it. You know that's why I do not believe in what these activists and hr organizations print. They just want to rape Indian Democracy much in the same way Tony Greig raped the Indian Host On TV..... Well what can be said when he comes from a descendency where "advanced" shamelessness and arrogance gets all the priority and national support when it comes to insulting non whites. It won't be surprising a similar proposition being made to Iraqi Women by Celebrity Status Britishers few years down the line.

If it the arsenal on which the definition is based, then it just took one man in 5.5 meter of hand woven linen with a 2 M stick to drive the Britishers out, the same man who was thrown out of a train compartment in South Africa.

So it is not clear what is the western criteria of developed nation.... and whatever it may be if celebrities of developed nations are so mentally sick then it is better not to ape that culture where raping non whites is freely allowed.

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anup123: Apr 14, 2003, 9:21 PM
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