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Quicken 98/2003

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Quicken 98/2003
Can anybody help i have quicken 98 on a normal pc with a cdwriter and have now bought a laptop that does not have a floppy drive but a dvd writer i want to load quicken 2003 on the laptop but use the existing data from quicken98 i have tried to back up to cd with no joy so i then backed up to 2 floppy disc i then burnt these to a cd but the 2003 would not recognise the backup as it keeps asking for disc 1

also 2003 asks for a password on the files but i have not used a password

So does anybody know how i can get round this

Many thanks


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fubsy: Jul 15, 2004, 2:32 AM
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Re: [fubsy] Quicken 98/2003 In reply to
Greetings Fubsy,

I think you've picked the wrong forum for your question. The wrong site in fact. This particular forum is for Gossamer Mail, a webmail application. You may want to give google a shot.