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PhpMyChat in ipowerweb

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PhpMyChat in ipowerweb
My web site is hosted by ipowerweb. I am trying to change the default room names from "MyRoom1" and "MyRoom2" to something more fitting my website.
I can't find the 'doorway' into how to manage the phpmychat. I have read on another forum that I need to go into "test chat" folder and from there the "chat" and then "config" folders and look for config.lib.php3
The problem is I can not find the 'test chat' folder.
The ipowernet techincal service team is clueless. I have spoken with 4 of them and the last three told me to search for the answers on the web. The 3rd one is the one that pointed me to this forum.
I would greatly appreciate any help.
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Re: [regeth] PhpMyChat in ipowerweb In reply to
Did a google search for phpmychat and the following came up. Look like good places to find support for phpmychat:


Might be a good time to do a search for ipowerweb on these forums:


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Re: [BeaverheadRiver] PhpMyChat in ipowerweb In reply to
I hit sourceforge and phpheaven yesterday and have a cry for help at sourceforge.

I will check out freshmeat and the other two links you provided. Thanks!!

I thought I was onto something last night when I found info on PhpMyAdmin. Ipowerweb has that available to view in web format, but it doesn't look anything like what is described in the forums. The files spoken of in the forums are not in PhpMyAdmin on Ipowerweb.

Thanks again for pointing me in some new directions.

Regeth Smile
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Re: [regeth] PhpMyChat in ipowerweb In reply to
I finally found a tech that knew what he was doing at ipowerweb. He directed me to the files. For anyone that may come accross this same problem here is how you get to the files. You go into your control panel. You get there by going to your wesite (http://www.yoursite.com) and then adding /cpanel (http://www.yoursite.com/cpanel). Your going to have to put your user name and password in in order to get into the control panel.

Once inside your control panel, click on the "File Manager" icon. Then click on the icon (NOT THE WORDS) for "public_html". Then you will see another list of folders. Click on the FOLDER for "Chat". You are there. You are in you PhpMyChat files. You may have to click on another folder to get to the files you need.