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Outlook not sending e-mails

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Outlook not sending e-mails
I use WinXP with Office 2003.
When I type an e-mail in Outlook and click "send" it places the e-mail in
the "outbox" but it removes the timestamp. Thus instead of placing it under
"Date:Today" it put the e-mail under "Date:None".
When I "send & receive" these e-mails will not be sent. I don't get and
error msg or anything. Outlook doesn't even attempt to send it.
Sometimes if there is a whole bunch of e-mails waiting to go (in the
"Date:Today" group) it will remove the e-mail's timestamp and put it under
the group "Date:None".

The problem isn't with Anti Virus software or Firewall because the e-mails doesn't even get sent in the first place... and I have disconnected these already with no success.
My SMTP settings are correct and the problem isn't with the ISP. If I send e-mails using Outlook Express there is no problem.

I have "Microsoft VBA for Outlook Addin" installed.
Outlook Version 11.0
Build 5608
Product ID 70141-052-9370531-56914