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Outlook 2003 - PLEASE HELP

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Outlook 2003 - PLEASE HELP
We use Pop 3 in outlook 2003.
Here's the issue, we had a huge sales lead come in.
That was great.
Then a sales guy with questionable ethics came to us about 2 hours later with a printed out email stating that he contacted him and its his lead.

Well I checked his sent folder and it wasnt there.
I told my boss, he confronted him.
My boss asked him to show him his sent folder.
He stumbled around his system and then he found the email in his drafts folder which I didnt check.....

I think he edited an email in his sent folder which you can do.

So I called our host provider and they dont log sent emails so I have no proof there.

Is there anywhere else I can check to see if he sent this email to this specific address????????

PS I cant really ask the person we sent it to because they are very high touch and this would come off very odd and bad in a new realationship.
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Re: [matgiov] Outlook 2003 - PLEASE HELP In reply to
I personally can't think of a way. Do you have any sort of firewall log, either on your local network or your mail server?

Outlook will save a log file if you specify it in the settings.

I'm surprised your host doesn't log smtp mail.

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Hargreaves: Nov 18, 2005, 4:49 PM
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Re: [matgiov] Outlook 2003 - PLEASE HELP In reply to

If you can have your boss confront the person again I'd check the following and make sure he is there to verify it so the person can't tamper with anything before he's there :

By default Outlook puts sent emails into the sent folder. For it to be in the draft folder it means someone put it there deliberately (and manually) after having sent it, if it was ever sent. The email even if it were put into the draft folder after having been sent would have a sent date that should appear in the last column. This alone should be sufficient grounds.

If someone put a draft copy of their email into the sent folder there would be no sent date on it. Whatever folder you put an email in Outlook should display the sent date on it up at the top.

For the above to not be true you would most probably need to edit the actual outlook data files in which case I think the person is pretty devious and has given some thought to the whole matter.

The last resort is of course to have a look at the 'future' clients emails since the dates on the emails will validate yours or the other persons stories. You'd need to think up a story to get the 'future' client to send email received to your boss as attachments in which case you would have the Internet Email Headers that would be proof of who sent what when.

If you sent an email to the client you could say you're computer suffered a hard disk failure and could the client send all previous exchanges from your company as attachments to you. Or some other excuse to explain why your exchanges have been destroyed and you would like a backup copy.

Can't think of much else, hope you get the *******

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