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Opera - What a difference !!!

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Opera - What a difference !!!
Gadday to all.

I downloaded the latest versions of Opera and Netscape a month or so ago to test the site out with these Browsers, I generally use IE.
So from time to time Iíve opened them up and browsed the site and others to see how they look.
The first thing I noticed was the speed difference between Opera and IE and to a lesser extent Netscape, so I started using Opera more and more.
To cut a long story short, I just registered Opera and wish I had stated using it years ago.
It took a few minutes to customise the look and feel but that was quick and easy as well.
I estimate it to be at least 3 times faster than IE and twice as fast as Netscape.
Do yourself a favour and download a copy and persist with it for a few days, youíll be glad you did.


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no thanks, Opera is shareware.... Firefox is free :-)

Limecat is not pleased.