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OMG! London :|

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OMG! London :|

SCARY! My brother was just coming back from "Live 8" ... Fortunatly he wasn't anywhere near the explosions ... but he's still stranded in London Crazy


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] OMG! London :| In reply to
Weird thing about this, I saw something similar in a movie I watched on TV - a movie that started 12 hours prior to the attack, almost to the minute. I took yesterday afternoon off, and watched this British movie about Al Qaeda terrorists that detonated a 'dirty' bomb outside one of the London Underground stations - Liverpool station, which I believe was also at the centre of one of the actual attacks. In the movie, there was a second dirty bomb, but the good guys dispatched the van's occupants before they could detonate their device. So, this could have been much, much worse - although still a great tragedy in every respect, especially when you are ready to party over winning the 2012. My condolences (and from all Canadians) to the victims, their families and everyone on the rock! Good news is that the exceptionally well-prepared and equipped UK security / police forces have stopped potentially dozens of similar attacks since 2001. But as one analyst said, they may have stopped 99% of such attacks, but the 1% that get through, can have devastating consequences.


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Re: [dan] OMG! London :| In reply to
Very interesting related article. Although the full article requires membership what is presented gives you all something to think about. Please take the time to read it:

The Evolution of the Bush-Rumsfeld War Doctrine -- Roadmap to Martial Law --
London Attacks From Another Perspective

* with comment by Michael C. Ruppert

by Stan Goff

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