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New with Outlook 202 - Problems

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New with Outlook 202 - Problems
I have used the Outlook Express for several years now, with little or no operating problems.

I recently upgraded my hardware and I am now using Microsoft XP - Home Edition with Microsoft Outlook 2002. I have tewo specific problems and I need some direction:

1. When you turn on Outlook Express, it automatically downloads your e-mail messages. Outlook doesn't. Is there some way to activate the program?

2. When I receive e-mails with attachments, I have to either go to the web or use a software program on the computer. In Outlook Express, it opened automatically. What have I done wrong?

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Re: [b25bsaboy] New with Outlook 202 - Problems In reply to
2. Attachments in any properly updated version of Outlook or Outlook Express are treated with much suspicion these days. Executable programs, if not stripped outright, will have to be saved to disk and cannot be opened by Outlook without overriding most of the security features (and you don't want to do that).

If your problem is with image attachments, check your file type assignments.

1. Go to Tools, Options, Mail Setup, select "Send immediately when connected".
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Re: [ArmyAirForces] New with Outlook 202 - Problems In reply to
I need help. Just loaded office. I cannot launch MS Outlook. I keeping a message that saids... retry, offline and cancel. Do you think my Norton antivirus/Ghost could be the culprit? After setting up my e-mail accounts with Outlook express, I'm able to read my mail. But Outlook is not doing anything for me now. I love outlook, but I need need help getting it to open to set up my account... Thanks...