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New virus..

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New virus..
I just got an email from someone who got infected with the Braid virus. Not sure if you've seen this before, but it's kind of funny in that all it does is mass email everyone your windows product id, product key and process list:

> Product Name: Microsoft Windows 98
> Product Id: xxxxxx
> Product Key: xxxxxx
> Process List: NoneNone

That's sure to help build up those serial number databases. =)


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Re: [Alex] New virus.. In reply to
It's surprising nothing that simple has been created already...or perhaps it has and I didn't know Smile

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Re: [Paul] New virus.. In reply to
LOL... Lucky none emailed me with that..
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Re: [xpert] New virus.. In reply to
hmmm? Lucky? Wink

I wonder if this one isn't from the beast themselves? They've apparently blocked off the w@Rez folks by using updates to put down office users who happen to have found a useful number and those unlucky enough to have a true payed for number.

Imagine your email being compromised and you happen to be one of the slick ones who complain at sites that their w@rez'D application doesn't work. So, such types have emails being sent back to M$.

hahaha .... lolo ... actually this quite funny.

somebody should write a virus that scans your drive puts in a system prompt to remind folks that they have porn/w@reZ on their computers ... lolo .... hehe, I wonder what wives and girlfriends would say to that Wink

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile