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New Domain --> .NAME

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New Domain --> .NAME

.NAME Domains are finally

Be one of the first people to register your
name with this exciting new extension.
Now is the perfect time to reserve your
firstname.lastname.name before
someone else takes it.

"In the near
future, a .NAME
address could even
serve as your cell
phone number and
your online identity
to handle money

- Andrew Tsia
CEO of Global Name Registry
(The official dot-name

It's the most personalized domain that is
currently offered on the Internet. For example,
if your name is John Smith, you can reserve
John.Smith.name as well as get your
personalized email John@Smith.name. Use it
to create your own personal website for posting
pictures, hobbies, interests, or even resumes.

You can also replace a hard to remember email
address like yourname45@mail99.com with
your firstname@lastname.name. Your name
will never change, so why not pre-register now
before someone else does? The uses for your
.NAME are endless!

Hurry and reserve your .NAME now as these
unique domains are awarded on a first come
first served basis. Pre-register your own
.NAME for only US$10 per domain at
www.namesforeveryone.com and be the first
to own YOUR .NAME.
.NAME - The first
specifically for

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Re: [Heckler] New Domain --> .NAME In reply to
Man do I hate these new level domain names. It seems like such a cash grab by the registries. Now business have to register their name in 6 top level domains instead of 3. Ugh.


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Re: [Alex] New Domain --> .NAME In reply to
As do I Alex...it is becoming annoying if you ask me...hehe!
Buh Bye!

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Re: [Heckler] New Domain --> .NAME In reply to
so what happens if your name happens to be John Smith ... How many Smiths, Johnsons, Browns, etc ... are there ???? so who gets the right to the name?

ie ... you happen to be an average bloke with the name Wil Smith, Julia Roberts ... common enough names... you register it and then have it taken away cuz they are celebreties ...

I say screw it ... if someone uses such a domain and they slander you ... sue em ... the US has enough lawyers to circulate around the globe ... save some domain name registration fees and the added bonus is that you can make money off of the domain that somebody else registered.

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Re: [QooQ] New Domain --> .NAME In reply to
I agree, Qooq. There are many problems with new TLDs being developed.

I posted the above message to inform others and hopefully it will help.

I am sure you are venting your frustrations at the registeries and not me, but the tone of the message leads me to believe that you are "bitching" me out, which is not really appropriate.
Buh Bye!

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Re: [Heckler] New Domain --> .NAME In reply to
No Eliot ... I just forgot to erase your nic from the subject.

cheers Wink

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Re: [Heckler] New Domain --> .NAME In reply to
I have a particular domain with several extension variations, but my logs tell me again and again these are used very little. So little in fact it doesn't justify the cost of renewal each year.

In my opinion, .Name .TV and all the other vanity names only cater for those swept up in the euphoria of it all.


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Re: [Eraser] New Domain --> .NAME In reply to
I got 1 .ws and the rest are .com's and .co.uk's Tongue Dont think I will ever waste my money on it again though....I only got it cos it was a good name, and it happened to suite the site I was gonna be starting up Tongue (http://www.templates.ws)

Andy (mod)
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