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My plea to server admins..

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My plea to server admins..
If you run any sort of mail server, please turn off virus notifications for viruses that forge the sender. I'm now getting about 40-50 virus notifications a day telling me I'm infected.

Bounce are becoming a huge problem too, as they almost equal the amount of spam I get now. A good filter for people is to filter on:

Return-Path = <>

that catches 90% of them.

My other plea is turn off auto add to address book in Outlook. With viruses sending forged headers, and I'm getting 200-300 undeliverables a day, I can't imagine how many more address books I'm getting added to, making the next worm that hits all that worse.


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Re: [Alex] My plea to server admins.. In reply to
What I'd like is for mailers to standardize error messages such as bounced messages. It's amazing to see the varying formats, wording, to attach message/to not attach message combinations that are out there. If mailers could all agree on a standard, it would be much easier to filter and would probably confuse a lot less people too.

- wil