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Liberation of Palestine

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Liberation of Palestine
Seems like the US/UK model works (four out of five Iraqi cannot be wrong - minus the one blown up), so why does not Israel follow in kind. Both use identical measures (and really cool US-built weapons) to liberate Muslim populations. Autrism and national homeland security in all its glory. The Israeli liberators should forcibly remove the Palestinian Authority of the terrorist rogue Palestinian 'state' (key member of Israel's 'implied' "Axis of Evil"), and then setup a interim Israeli authority. This authority could then appoint Palestinian transitional leaders, with the aim of establishing democratic elections in the near future. Arafat, select members of his regime and all of the terrorist groups could be rounded up for detainment and possible prosecution - instead of, for example, shelling Arafat's offices / residence. Looks ugly on television, and bad press for Israel. Seems doable to me. It would go a long ways in justifying the Israeli liberation of Palestine in the eyes of the World and more importantly, Palestine. Israel would be vindicated. Israel not as the (left-wing, liberal defined) occupiers, but as the liberators. Justice for all; by the people, for the people. The Palestinian people will be liberated from the tyranny and brutality of the Arafat regime, which to date has resulted in the loss of innocent Palestinians (including women and young children) on a daily basis. And surely, it would be in Israel's best interests to pursue US/UK-style liberation in Palestine. Israel has suffered much more than the US in terms of terrorist attacks and deaths, at the hands of Palestinian Authority-sponsored 'state' terrorism. Decade after decade. The loss of Saddam's financial compensation to the families of Palestinian homicide bombers will do little to curb the terrorism. More is still required. And Israel could maintain small bases in specified locations in Palestine; to have a military presence in a region hostile to Israel. Surely, the US cannot balk at such a move by Israel. But if the US does balk, there is not much they can do anyways. The US needs Israel in its court in the Middle East, and to that end, needs to maintain the Israeli military machine and economy. The Palestinians, and the Arab World would evetually embrace the liberation. It would take some time as no evidence that (unlike the Iraqi regime) the Palestinian authority tortures and executes. One huge (and humanitarian) difference, but it was not the main reason underlying the liberation of Iraq. But if the Arab World rejects the liberation, there is not much they can do. Israel's nuclear WMD would serve as the ultimate deterrent to forestall any attacks from any of the many rogue, dictatorial Arab nations. The irrelevant UN Security Council could not prevent Israel from liberating Palestine since the US (out of its own best interests) would veto in favour of Israel - which of course is why the UN is irrelevant because this action would be legal under international law. I can see the images on Israeli television now. Palestinian children smiling and cheering on the Israeli liberators. And Israel could control the movement of olive oil out of Palestine until the latter sets up a stable, democratric government. It's a win-win sitution, across for the board. This reviewer gives the Israeli total liberation of Palestine secnario, two thumbs up. Will look awesome on television, and good press for Israel.


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I'm confused... didn't you condemn the forced liberation of Iraq?

Limecat is not pleased.