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Anyone tried KDE 3 yeat? I'm using KDE 2.2 at the moment and I'm thinking of trying out 3? Is it worth the upgrade? I know many people tell me I don't need such a bloated program and should just opt for WindowMaker or something but I kinda like the eycandy. :-)

- wil
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Re: [Wil] KDE 3 In reply to
I used KDE 3 on Mandrake 8 and 9, but there was a glitch in KDE or something that caused the KDE setup screen to always run when you log in. I prefer KDE, but always install GNOME as well since several programs I used required the libs from it. WindowMaker to me seemed kind of awkward to use.

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Re: [Wil] KDE 3 In reply to
I have KDE on my FreeBSD machine. I like it, though I must say that I don't use X very often... I prefer to just SSH into boxes I'm working on and just stay at command line.

I generally keep KDE on one box, and Gnome on another, just so I can play with them and see how they're progressing along etc.

KDE 3 is very big, but on my machines the memory usage doesn't seem to exuburent. Of course, I have tons of memory in my machines too, which helps Cool

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Re: [Mark Badolato] KDE 3 In reply to
Thanks for your comments, both. What I've done is installed Debian onto my desktop at work, so I am looking for a an x-windows type system as I am probably going to be dealing a lot with word files etc. etc. You're right, though, all my other boxes I just SSH into and go from there. I'm just playing around looking for an ideal desktop environment at the moment, however.

- wil
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Re: [Wil] KDE 3 In reply to
I used to be a KDE user for a long time, but lately I have switched to fluxbox, which is really great. It's very fast and simple.

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Re: [yogi] KDE 3 In reply to
hmm, all these X11 window management systems and so many missing that last bit that Apple filled in.

I wish that Nautilus would've taken off.

anybody wanna hire me? You've read it here first!

Why does Apple have to be the one?

I was thinking what if?

1.) Get Dell or another marginal player in the hardware business
2.) grab preferably a BSD release
3.) find a unique design for hardware and GUI
4.) install software like Mandrake but limit to essentials (ala Apple) openoffice/sketch/gimp/mozilla
5.) KEEP system limited to approved HardWare only!
6.) buy out Virtual PC (screw Apple) and Grab Lindows for a good measure
7.) buy out CodeWarrior and Jbuilder (to build a system to rival WebObjects)
8.) use quality and forwarding looking devices like USB/Firewire (well, the next thing is what I'm thinking here)

Essentially copy what Apple did but don't cry "Big Brother" and then almost 20 years later Become Big Brother. hmmm .... .Net and .Mac ... At least with .Mac you don't have to worry about spyware still

Don't get me wrong. I love my Mac but if Dell or Sony got their act together ... I would consider only if the community were like Apple's but yet more like here at GT.

Too bad that there isn't any real competiton to Apple and M$ ... BeOS, had the ability and brawn ... but just didn't have the savy and vision that Jobs has.

IF only I had the bank roll to follow through on some of my ideas, I'd be able to wear my T-shirt and jeans on the stage like Jobs does Wink

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile