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Information on US vs Iraq or ?

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Information on US vs Iraq or ?
Accidental Search on Google pooped up :

Iran, Iraq scientists allowed to enter top-secret U.S. labs
Scientists from Iran and Iraq, countries believed to be seeking intermediate ballistic missile and nuclear weapons, are permitted to tour leading U.S. weapons laboratories, a House chairman says.
Fred Upton, chairman of the House Commerce Committee Oversight and Investigations subcommittee, said he was stunned by testimony over the ease in which foreign scientists are allowed access to facilities and information that will help the weapons program of nations hostile to the United States.
“I must say that one particular area stands out in my mind,” Upton said in a Tuesday hearing, “the fact that thousands of foreign scientists from countries such as China, Cuba, Iran, and Iraq are permitted to visit our most sensitive weapon laboratories and have fairly unrestricted exchanges with our scientists — including those working on matters that, while technically unclassified, are immensely useful to the weapon programs of foreign nations with potentially hostile intent towards the United States or its friends and allies around the world.”
Upton said that China alone sent nearly 1,500 scientists — including suspected intelligence agents — to three of what he termed the most sensitive U.S. weapon labs from between 1994 and 1996. Testimony to his committee asserted that less than two percent of those Chinese scientists received any background checks by the U.S. Energy Department.

Do you think this is real or memorex ?

Should some one ask Fred Upton ?

Seen at : http://www.montco-pa.com/...national_briefs.html



ps 2 New Zealand Exec's settled their lawsuit with an arm wrestle and not an armed conflict.

George vs Saddam in an arm wrestle for peace.
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Re: [cornball] Information on US vs Iraq or ? In reply to
At a guess I'd say it was complete bull.
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Re: [cornball] Information on US vs Iraq or ? In reply to
You might read some of the articles about Los Alamos by Noah Shachtman that he's written for WIRED:


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