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ISDN Manager

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ISDN Manager

Don't really want to shell out $1800 for 4sight ISDN Transmission Manager. Anyone know of a cheap alternative? Maybe even a free one? <g>.

- wil
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Re: [Wil] ISDN Manager In reply to
What are you looking for exactly? Before we got ADSL, I used:


to handle ISDN and it worked beautifully. Nice web front end and everything.


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Re: [Alex] ISDN Manager In reply to
Hi Alex

Well it's a weird set up. The office network accesses the net through a T3 connection, so I don't really want to downgrade that. Our phone system is being run via an ISDN line I think splitting into 30 channels.

We send a lot of large graphic files down to printers and repro houses, and they are all running ISDN lines on their Macs. What I want is some software and accompanying hardware that I can sit on a PC or a Mac that will plug into the ISDN phone ring and work off one computer.

I've got an ISDN card for our server that fits onto the phone ISDN ring already, now I need some software to manage this, and ideally I'll want a solution for the Mac as well.

Thanks for the advice.

- wil