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Honest Spammer

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Honest Spammer



I run an Internet Marketing company in Las Vegas. Yes Spam. I know this is largely an unpopular business, but a very profitable one, so...

I am looking for on ISP that will allow me to mail off of its servers. No proxies, no relaying no bouncing off of others servers, just a direct connection. I would require a box on a high speed line. I belong to a rather distinctive group and if you could provide this I could bring you as much business as you could handle, proving you can handle the heat that spam brings. If you are interested in discussing terms for this potential arragment please hit reply or email me at ecorpinfo2002@yahoo.com


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Re: [Paul] Honest Spammer In reply to
lol - the sad thing is there'll be a lot of ISP's that are about to go broke that will believe him and take him up on the offer.
Michael Bray