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Hi all, maybe someone can help me with a very annoying problem with my hotmail.
Since yesterday afternoon I experience problems with OE (6.0, on Windows XP) and hotmail - the connection is either awfully slow or is timed out alltogether.
EVEN WORSE - when I try to log onto hotmail.com webpage I have the same problems Crazy!!! Sometimes I can't logon or if I can I can't delete mails, all intermittendly, but if I can do something it's soooooooooo slow.

I tried to ping hotmail.com but get 4 time outs Frown, same with msn.com

Downloading files from hotmail account takes 1 hour for 950KB with a broadband line!!! This is shocking and frustrating.

In order to get to hotmail support you have to log into your account (which I can't do at the moment).

Any suggestions, help ideas, please???

Unsure Zippus, very stressed and unhappy
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Re: [zippus] HOTMAIL TIME OUT In reply to
Hotmail does have its problems from time to time.
Remember, it is probably one of the worlds busiest sites - complete with spammers, virus checking and everything else. Would love to know what their average bandwith useage is per hour.

Relax, they do come good in time.