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From iTunes to CSS (in my mind ;-))

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From iTunes to CSS (in my mind ;-))
This got me thinking about the CSS discussion underway in the "Discussion" forum about the upcoming releases in 2005 :

Otherwise for people who have worked on software projects and pitching them to clients it's a nice read.

Extract from :


"iTunes was, of course, and I'll say this now, brilliant. It single-handedly taught us an entirely new philosophy on software design. Do you really need that Preference that 1% of your users will use? Can you find a better way to design that interface than having each function in a separate window? Can you clean this up, even if it means it's a little less flexible? iTunes blazed the trail for clean, efficient software design for a broad audience, a design philosophy we practice actively today. It was a way to take a complicated digital music collection, and make it easy. Sure, it was limited, but man was it easy."

by Cabel Sasser , Panic co-founder

So in my mind I straight away thought of how the discussion over CSS and old browsers was going. Twisted mind hey Wink

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