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Enhance Your Search Engine Results

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Enhance Your Search Engine Results
Well I am going to spill the beans as you may or may not know incoming text links is they key to obtaining higher search engine positioning. Basically you want other sites to link to your site using your keywords in the anchor tag. So for an example if you have a site about "Car Dealers" you want as many text links containing "Car dealers" to point to your site. So you may ask, How do i get as many text links to my site. You can go out and ask thousands of website owners to link to your site, which would be a waste of time, as 90% will not respond to your request.

So how do you obtain quality links? check out http://www.digitalpoint.com/.../ad-network/?s=34576. (not an affiliate URL) This is not a link farm or anything of that sort, basically in my industry the companies in the top search engine spots are using this method.

For an example:

Search for "Sharper Image Coupons" in Yahoo,Google an MSN.

In yahoo "CHemSpy" is rated #2

In Google "ChemSPy" is rated #4

In MSN "Chemspy" is rated #9

Now type this in google

This show all the sites google knows about that link to CHemSPy

As you can see all the site that are or were linking to Chemspy use the service above.

So just a thought let me if this helps out anyone!

I will post my results as soon as they come in

Good Luck and Happy LinkBuilding!Wink
Jason Bishop