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Ebay Fraud Alert

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Ebay Fraud Alert
It just so happens at the *very moment* I changed my email address (and added a listing) with ebay. I got a "Fraud Alert" message supposedly from ebay. However the actual HREF in the email targets: http://ebay.aw-confirm-dll.com. Very sneaky. I did a whois on this address and it comes up with an account hosted by Yahoo Nameservers. (The index page on this site now has a META refresh that forwards you to ebay.com)

PS: The thing that alerted me to the fact the email was fake was that it was terribly worded.

Of course I can't help but feel ebay is part of the blame since they use so many sub-domains on their site it really lends to the confusion as to what is an "official" ebay site and what is not.

<edit>I'm going to look and see if there is a way to "block" my email address from appearing on auctions (contact seller/buyer thing) since the email referenced my ebay UserName and was sent to my email address I use for auctions. </edit>

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Watts: May 28, 2004, 10:30 AM
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Re: [Watts] Ebay Fraud Alert In reply to
eBay may have a lot of subdomains, but the domain is always ebay.com. In your email, it is aw-confirm-dll.com. That alone shows that it is bogus. From time to time, I see these similar sort of emails with PayPal. In these cases, except under exceptional circumstances, I do not use the email-based links - I call up the site myself to login and check what the email was referring. At any rate, you were wise to 'em from square one. But so many people are fooled - and often provide confidential information like banking info. Might be time to require a 'drivers license' of sorts to cruise the Web =) Speeding tickets to those with broadband access for surfing too fast?


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Re: [Watts] Ebay Fraud Alert In reply to
It may be worth having a read of this page and filing a report.

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Re: [Jarrod] Ebay Fraud Alert In reply to
I notified Yahoo about this... I also tried sending an email to abuse@ebay.com but that message bounced.

I would think eBay would have some way to keep one user from obtaining the email address of another user if neither party is involved in a particular transaction.

The weird part was that the email came in EXACTLY at the moment I changed my contact information with eBay. So I got three emails - two legitimate from eBay and one fake one.

How weird is that?