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Domain Name Forwarding

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Domain Name Forwarding

I'm sure I saw a reference to a domain name registration and forwarding (maybe even some type of cloaking) company with cheap domain name registration something below 7 or 8 dollars. I think it was a european or eastern european company. There was an example where they forwarded DNS using CNAME and the example was using yahoo.com. Does this ring a bell with anybody ?

Thanks, John
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Re: [Jag] Domain Name Forwarding In reply to
I use Name Secure (www.namesecure.com) and have had great support. I have a few domains that use CNAME, others with simple web forwarding and still others with email forwarding.

They are in the ballpark price range you quote, but not sure about sub-$7 or where they are located.

Hope this helps!

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Re: [bretzke] Domain Name Forwarding In reply to
Hi I found the site I was looking for today actually and the CNAME forwarding with the example of Yahoo.com :


Thanks for your suggestion though, I didn't know namesecure.com and looks interesting too.

It's not actually to change I'm with another hosting company but I wanted the example to show them that it was possible to do it and urge them to have a look and figure out how they would do it...


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