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Dmoz - Microsoft April 1 st

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Dmoz - Microsoft April 1 st
Did anyone go into the Dmoz site an April 1 st. The site had a Blue Microsoft header and a copyright notice - Bill Gates at the bottom. Only lasted for 12 hours or so. Wasn't sure if it was hacked or the Dmoz.org having an April Fools day prank. Haven't heard or read anything about it so I'm curious if anyone else saw it ?


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Re: [minesite] Dmoz - Microsoft April 1 st In reply to
I didn't see this, no, but I don't often visit the DMOZ website. I tried some quick searches for you:

The Internet Archive for some reason stopped archiving at the end of February:


But a quick search over at Google did confirm your suspicion - you weren't imagining things!


Talking about Google and April's Fools .. this was a classic from Google:


- wil

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