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Cyber Warfare...

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Cyber Warfare...

What do you think?
Buh Bye!

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Re: [Stealth] Cyber Warfare... In reply to
Hehe I was just reading that.

It just seems like more bully tactics.

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Paul: Feb 7, 2003, 10:40 AM
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Re: [Paul] Cyber Warfare... In reply to
The beauty of having a closet "republic".

The President isn't tied down by all kinds of rules like how the congress is. So, the President gets to make them up along the way.

Dammm, Bush. He really wants to start a war and be just like his dad. ugh

Just give said country free peecee with M$ on them and then let loose a bunch of script kiddies fload them with worms and viruses ... that should teach any varmit to mess with the US Wink

ahhh, but then that wouldn't create contract jobs in buildings with 2.03m wide front doors facing in a North-North-East direction with 2.5678 m wide parking spaces allocated companies.

oh well, tax payers are stupid anyways Wink

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile