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Christened :)

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Christened :)
Well here's my first thread in the chit chat forum and what an informative and mature one it is :)

10 Things Men Won't Say

1) Let's watch Oprah!
2) Sex is overrated.
3) <edited : too rude>
4) Yes, I did notice your sister's breasts are bigger than yours.
5) There is nothing I like better than crawling into bed with a good book.
6) I'm glad I don't have a large penis.
7) My hips are too big.
8) Is ''Mad About You'' on tonight?
9) Does this suit make me look fat?
10) I'll never get tired listening to Celine Dion.

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RedRum: Oct 23, 2001, 5:36 AM
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Re: [RedRum] Christened :) In reply to
Not forgetting:

"Want all my tools? I just realized I never do anything useful with them!"


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Re: [Eraser] Christened :) In reply to
I originally posted 101 things not to say when in bed with a woman but I wasn't sure how people would receive it Blush

It wasn't particularly rude but I decided to be conservative :)