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Canada / US Relationship

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Canada / US Relationship
The news article says it all here:


If the Yanks aren't bombing our troops (although Bush publically 'acknowledged' and apologized for the incident of 'friendly fire' - days later), they are are dropping economical bombs on Canada (in violation of NAFTA; free trade) - oh my gawd, there's potato wort in a small corner of one farmer's field, let's ban potatoes from an entire province (true story) for so many months. Or on a much larger scale, the US attempt to convert Canada to a tree (and other resources) farm for the US. I'm glad I never contributed any money to the Canadian 911 fund for New York - many tens of millions sent south of the border. Why I do not know, except Canadians see Yanks as our friends for some reason I cannot understand? It's a quandry Crazy

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Re: [dan] Canada / US Relationship In reply to
The poll of 1,000 Canadians and 791 Americans was conducted between April 30 and May 2

I don't put much stock in "polls" so don't be too offended. I mean how can 791 people reflect the opinions of an entire country? That isn't even a legitmate number for statistical sampling.

Of course being an Austinite, a Texan, and an American (in that order) I can kinda understand. Here is Texas we don't even consider Maine to be a real state. Although I do think it's funny that US citizens call themselves "Americans" (as if Mexico and Canada aren't in North America).

Anyway... don't let negative press influence your opinions of people. There are good & bad people everywhere regardless of borders/state lines.

Of course all the good ones move here as soon as they can.Tongue

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Re: [Watts] Canada / US Relationship In reply to
hehe, me too I never could figure out why the US like to referred to itself as a America and the Canandians, Mexicans, and the rest of South America never complaining.

but, then again "the United States of America" might be the hitch. Dang long and ... America does come inside the name.

Cananda, is cool. The Canadians on the most part are cool. Some American like to think of them as the "53rd" state, too.

Hey, we all play ice hockey, baseball, and basketball together right!

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Re: [QooQ] Canada / US Relationship In reply to
Hm... I remember someone saying that since some states aren't really states... they're "commonwealths" (Pennsylvania, Virginia, etc.) -- whatever the hell the difference is I don't know.

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Re: [sponge] Canada / US Relationship In reply to
there are territories too.

Puerto Rico, Samoa and such.

The Phillipines also have some kind of relationship with the states since some of the Navy sailors are still Phillipino nationals.

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