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CMOS Battery

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CMOS Battery

I have an IBM i series 1476 Thinkpad (laptop) that I bought about 5 years ago (I live in Japan).

In July of last year I had to replace the mother board and it cost me about $300.

Recently, on startup I get the following message -

071. CMOS Battery Bad

so I presumed that I need a new CMOS battery.

I took it back to the shop where I bought it and while I was waiting they called IBM. I was told that I would have to replace the mother board again becuse the battery is attached to it and it would cost me $300 AGAIN. The said that the guarantee on the mother board was only 3 months and it's been 8 months since it was replaced. I was as angry as hell and stormed out of the shop.

Does anyone know if this sound right??


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Re: [jai] CMOS Battery In reply to
That sounds really bad, and not right. But you never know.

I had a problem with my old Dell laptop once, where I forgot the Bios password. From what I could understand from Dell, I too would have to replace the motherboard, as the battery was not something that could be removed. I did not buy into this. I wish I had of opened that computer up to see if they were telling me a bunch of BS.

I would not be forking over $300 due to a battery problem! I phoned Dell two years after my warranty ran out, and I was still able to talk to someone (at no charge), thouh I do know that this no longer happens at Dell.