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Man it's been really freaking cold here again. Temperatures below zero with a windchill factor which could knock your teeth out!

A little while ago we also had an arctic cold snap with temperatures even colder. Thank god you were not on the top of Mt. Washington, NH, near here.

Conditions on Mt. Washington on January 16, 2004:

Temperature: -44 degrees Fahrenheit
Wind Speed: NW at 82 mph
Wind Gusts: 94 mph
Wind Chill: -101 degrees Fahrenheit

Stay warm everyone!
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Re: [ronzo] Brrr... In reply to
damn cold! all I got today was 8 inches of snow...

Limecat is not pleased.
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Re: [fuzzy logic] Brrr... In reply to
We havn't had snow yet... but one of my clients out in New Jersey, said there was about 6 feet of snow? Unsure Thats quite a bit of snow...lol.

Xmas in 2002 was the last time I remember we had snow over here :(


Andy (mod)
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Whingers In reply to
Feel a bit of pity for us in Oz. Temps mostly mid 30 deg C plus - often over 40 and up to 45. Any idea what that does to you at the beach? Cold beer simply disappears - cannot keep the fluid intake up fast enough.

Give us a break and realize when you are well off.

And yes I know what cold is. Ran an oil exploration crew in the Gobi Desert in (Mongolia) China for two years back in the early '80's. Altitude 13,000 ft. Winter temps - free air was constant -35 degC, wind chill -80 deg C or thereabouts. Forget the temperature , the altitude was the killer. Blood was like treacle.