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Blogs : a waste of time ???!!!

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Blogs : a waste of time ???!!!
The magazine AdAge has published an article about blogs :

The title :

The (sub)title :
In 2005, Employees Will Waste 551,000 Years Reading Them

Extract :
"Since for the most part blog readers tend to be the most engaged readers of online content,” he said, “they do not appear, at least for now, to be sacrificing time from their favorite news sites. Instead, it looks like blog usage is in addition to existing online behavior."

Source :
http://www.adage.com/news.cms?newsId=46494 (you need to register to view the article)

The article itself is very interesting but I can't figure out why they use a title like this, which seems more provocation than anything. For television and magazine people blogs seem to be bad. They most probably will steal advertising money from them but search engines will do so even more... I think it is based upon the idea that blog reading is done a lot at work and not at home. Companies and CEOs are creating their own blogs so is that not good for businesses to read either ? And there are more and more company oriented blogs...

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Re: [Jag] Blogs : a waste of time ???!!! In reply to
Guess what since yesterday when I posted this big things have happened (LOL) :

This new article was posted today that explains how the blog site gawker.com got all its readers to rally in voting for a poll about whether people would be allowed or restricted access to view blogs !

Title :
Bloggers Rally to Out Vote Employers

extract :
"Hinting at the dire threat such poll results could pose to all bloggerdom, Gawker proclaimed: "You've got little more than two hours, kids. Go vote, vote, vote, vote before companies take Krucoffing to the next level -- you know, because they all listen to what unscientific surveys tell them to do -- and make decisions that would hurt us (traffic! ads! income!) and, even more, you (must actually do work!)." ("Krucoffing" refers to Andrew Krucoff, the freelance research analyst at Conde Nast who was terminated last month for leaking an internal company document to Gawker.com.)"

source : http://www.adage.com/news.cms?newsId=46653 (you need to register to view the article)

I think it's well worth registering to read these if you have are interested in blogs... IMHO

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