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Bizarre news story..

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Bizarre news story..
I'd swear this was an Onion story, but this just bizarre that a government would even attempt this:



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Re: [Alex] Bizarre news story.. In reply to
Less than 10 per day. Cheaper than most bed and breakfasts. What's he complaining about =) Mind you, you don't usually run the risk of getting stuck with a shiv in most B&B's - at least not the ones I normally stay at Wink Did they charge him extra for the added pleasure of group showers, I wonder?


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Re: [Alex] Bizarre news story.. In reply to
Wow, now that is absolutely absurd! That's what we call in the US "cruel and unusual punishment" and "unconstitutional".

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Re: [fuzzy logic] Bizarre news story.. In reply to
Now you see why I wanna get out of the UK Tongue


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