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Biodiesel - grow your own fuel

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Biodiesel - grow your own fuel
Hi All

Found this stuff called "Biodiesel"

It's diesel fuel that is produced from renewable vegetable oil.


National Biodiesel Board:

Sounds quite fascinating Cool

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Re: [DogTags] Biodiesel - grow your own fuel In reply to
Yes, it is...one of my clients owns a biodiesel company with a couple patents and more waiting approval, and he has a couple labs nationwide. When the website is up and running, I'll come back and link it here. ;)
Buh Bye!

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Re: [DogTags] Biodiesel - grow your own fuel In reply to
Hello Dogtags, They are testing it at UBC in vancouver canada using french fries oil for diesel vehicles.

The fuel is cheap as long as the Tax man does not get the idea to tax it.

The tax man will find it at some point and levy a strong duty.

Natural gas started cheap and so did propane but the tax man found them also.

Diesel is still the cheapest fuel for the distance , but repair costs are more than gas engines.

Hydrogen fuel is a future fuel. Hydrogen is big bang material and is not cheap to produce right now.

Thanks cornball