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Best adverts, commision junction.

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Best adverts, commision junction.
Hi All

I have a commission junction account. My general search site gets 20,000 ads impressions per day.

Two ads, top and bottom, 486 x 60.

Range of advertisers, credit cards, dating, casinos, gambling, shopping, etc.

Over the past two months I have earnt nothing. Not a cent.

The click through rate is 1%.

Is anyone earning any money from commission junction!!

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Re: [dregs2] Best adverts, commision junction. In reply to
I'm earning about $100 per month with them. I use FlashBlaster.com (screamdesign). I find that they are very effective, with about a 5% ClickThrouh rate. I'm not sure why yours are not doing very well, you may want to relook at the adverts you are targeting people with.

Andy (mod)
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