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Anyone tried IE9 yet?

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Anyone tried IE9 yet?
My wife uses IE8 and was struggling with Google maps. I checked the broadband connection and it looked OK so I opened the same URL with both Firefox and Chrome on the same PC and had no problems at all.

We don't have separate accounts on the PC, that's why we use different browsers and e-mail clients. I use Firefox and Thunderbird, she uses IE8 and Outlook.

Have any regular IE users upgraded to 9? I've been told that once it's installed it can't be uninstalled (I don't know about roll back) so I'm just after some feedback before I make the change.
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Re: [MJB] Anyone tried IE9 yet? In reply to
To be honest, I'm holding back for now. I found IE 8 a REAL let-down. It was a stupid amount slower than the older versions - and crashed on me without fail, at LEAST 3-4 times daily. I'm on a pretty high spec machine, so thats not the issue. Not sure what M$ were thinking when they released it Wink

Unfortunately I do have to use it sometimes though, when checking web-designs (as it still has a lot of IE quirks, which I was hoping they would iron out to comply with the way FF/Chrome/Safari show CSS and pages in general)


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