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Advertising on Blogs

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Advertising on Blogs

I came across another article at AdAge today on blogs, this time about advertising and blogs. The article (and video of the conference) is relatively interesting but it's the subject I find most interesting. It feels like an echo of what I've been feeling on my own web sites.

Is money the only goal ?
It opens a discussion for me about a certain clash between people that build web sites solely to make money and people that are interested in creating web sites with other (more interesting IMHO) goals. If it's just about making money then you don't care who advertises on your site so long as they pay. Even if I'm going to need financing for my web site I will not be wanting advertising for adult web sites for example since I am aiming a general public and children could be visiting the web site. Adult web sites is a pretty easy one to argue but then I also would not want to be advertising for companies that use dishonest advertising for example etc.

What systems are available ?
It's true that today there are very interesting techniques and technology that interactive advertising can use to serve advertising on web sites, like contextual advertising. However I've only really seen interesting systems when I was working in some of the big advertising agencies on the large web sites where it's the job of someone (or a team of people) to decide which adverts go where. For smaller sites most solutions that are financially interesting and/or provide interesting reciprocal advertising you don't have the ability to choose that much about what will be displayed on your site.

Do you have a choice ?
Obviously in the context of blogs where people have specific opinions and many make sure that they provide quality content. But all that effort for the content doesn't change the fact that advertising is content and in certain cases they have no other choice but to accept what is served to them.

I suppose I feel there is a gaping hole out there for a system that provides a sites with more options to choose what is displayed and maybe more guarantees about the advertisers while keeping a balance with the financially viable side of things.

Let me know what you think !

Extract : "If we were approached by Wal-Mart, they would not be appropriate for us," Nick Denton, head of Gawker Media, told the audience.
Source : http://adage.com/news.cms?newsId=46617 (registration required)

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