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A war against Iraq?

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Re: [Paul] A war against Iraq? In reply to
An anti-war user on another forum I visit frequently, posted this amusing one-liner: "I supported the war on Iraq and all I got was this barrel of oil."

Limecat is not pleased.
Re: [fuzzy thoughts] A war against Iraq? In reply to
Does anyone know anywhere online that gives information that is independant, and not just what the media restrictions allow them to tell you?


"Can you have an opinion on the war if you don't know exactly what is happening?"
Re: [Dud_Uk] A war against Iraq? In reply to
I think most resources are colored a bit one way or the other...


Re: [klauslovgreen] A war against Iraq? In reply to
Several B52's full of bombs left the UK earlier.....big attack planned for tonight.

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Paul: Mar 21, 2003, 7:35 AM
Re: [Paul] A war against Iraq? In reply to
Watched the news some hours ago and they said that people were surrendering all the time and many hundreds of soldiers had given up and that a massive, bloody war might not be necessary to take Saddam and the other leaders og Iraq.

Maybe a war isn't needed?

Re: [perlman] A war against Iraq? In reply to
I think there were always going to be Iraqi's surrendering on the outskirts of Iraq....they aren't paid or fed by Saddam and don't get medical treatment and so have no desire to fight. The Republican Guards on the other hand are well paid and receive food and medical support and so are likely to put up more of a fight.

I think I heard about an hour ago that 250 Iraqis are now being held by US forces. Tonight they are aiming to take Basra.
Re: [Andy] A war against Iraq? In reply to
Holy shit guys, get your tv's on....the B52's are taking chunks out of Iraq...I've never seen anything like it.
Re: [Paul] A war against Iraq? In reply to
Doesn't seem like it's working right now but this morning this was a blog of a guy that seems like he lives in Bagdad (yeah, I know he might be a fraud but he presents a very interesting viewpoint)

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Re: [Paul] A war against Iraq? In reply to
From a radio show I think...

Re: [SeanP] A war against Iraq? In reply to
That's entertaining!

How about this para from a UPI wire piece:

By Arnaud de Borchgrave
UPI Editor at Large
From the International Desk
Published 3/21/2003 2:46 PM AMMAN, Jordan, March 21 (UPI) .... A group of American anti-war demonstrators who came to Iraq with Japanese human shield volunteers made it across the border today with 14 hours of uncensored video, all shot without Iraqi government minders present. Kenneth Joseph, a young American pastor with the Assyrian Church of the East, told UPI the trip "had shocked me back to reality." Some of the Iraqis he interviewed on camera "told me they would commit suicide if American bombing didn't start. They were willing to see their homes demolished to gain their freedom from Saddam's bloody tyranny. They convinced me that Saddam was a monster the likes of which the world had not seen since Stalin and Hitler. He and his sons are sick sadists. Their tales of slow torture and killing made me ill, such as people put in a huge shredder for plastic products, feet first so they could hear their screams as bodies got chewed up from foot to head."
Re: [Paul] A war against Iraq? In reply to

NBC news just showed some older British lady at a protest in London, she was saying "I don't support the British troops". Reporter questioned, "You don't support the troops?". Her reply, "No I don't support the British troops, I think they're war criminals."

Even in the states most protestors would never make the mistake of saying something like that. At least none who will ever be productive members of society. I think that's one of many lessons we took away from Vietnam.

Hopefully it's just an isolated sentiment, else it could come to haunt those who hold it.

Edit: Just to be clear, it's one thing to protest policy & governments, but few would ever stoop so low as to disparage their own soldiers in the field of war.

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ArmyAirForces: Mar 22, 2003, 4:03 PM
Re: [ArmyAirForces] A war against Iraq? In reply to
There have been large protests in London today. I think a lot of the people are anti-war in general and would oppose war in any circumstances.

I've just been hearing that two men threw a grenade into the main tent of the 101st division - supposedly a terrorist attack by people posing as translators within the division - they were actually working as staff...ugh.

A Sky News presenter also made a point I've been thinking about too. He pointed out that so far it has been a relative push over, but Saddam said the troops would die at the gates of Baghdad. I think he has serious plans to kill two birds with one stone. He can allow the troops to get near or to get into Baghdad, and then he can unleash some serious weapons and in the process kill the troops *and* Iraqi civilians.

There's also a theory circulating that the rumours of Tariq Aziz's defection was propoganda in order to get Tariq to appear on tv to confirm that he had not infact defected, and then he could be followed back to Saddam's compound enabling the cruise missiles to target him.

What confused me was that I expect Tariq Aziz himself was a potential target and yet they let him arrive and leave a press conference...duh.
Re: [Paul] A war against Iraq? In reply to
They're arrested a member of the 101st and are questioning another. Their lives will be unpleasant for a long time to come. And they're eligible for the death penalty for their mutiny, allegedly.
Re: [ArmyAirForces] A war against Iraq? In reply to
I really can't understand a US soldier killing his own guys.
Re: [Paul] A war against Iraq? In reply to
The military is a large population representing a cross section of our society. As there is murder & crime in the civilian population, so to in the military. That's why we have military police, a military judicial system, and military prisons.
Re: [Paul] A war against Iraq? In reply to
It's not anything but "Oil Interests" which is causing all this Clone Of Gulf War 1 to happen and not the so called Weapons Of Mass destruction etc a theory doctored by B(ush) B(liar).

Well there is a case of US "Killing Its Own People" back in Vietnam War.... using that deadly gas (which now US claims that Iraq is in possession of)a finding by a CNN reporter who had to lose his job because of this investigative journalism and is now serving National Geographic....

Re: [anup123] A war against Iraq? In reply to
Come on, surely you can come up with something besides the old "No war for oil" canard?

FYI: Peter Arnett lost his job because the "Operation Tailwind" story was piss poor 'journalism'. Of the two producers; April Oliver was fired and Jack Smith resigned. Peter Arnett mostly just read copy.

CNN settled with several parties defamed by the story. CNN also issued a 54 page retraction of the story and apologized. Time magazine for its part retracted the story, saying: "Time is retracting the story and apologizing for running it. Based on our own investigation and that conducted by CNN, we have concluded that the facts simply do not support the allegations that were made."


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ArmyAirForces: Mar 24, 2003, 4:47 PM
Re: [ArmyAirForces] A war against Iraq? In reply to
CNN showed on TV a Female British Jourlist on Saturday (10:30ET) accompaning the Royal British Army Engineers. She Reported, " ... Army Engineers found no bombs ... check pressures, ...closed all valves, waiting to be started by private contractors."

Does anyone know who these private contractors are?

Prime Minister Blair promised parliarment Monday that the oil revenues from Iraq will be held by UN. It makes me even more confused and curious about it. Did a lot of people already ask about who will pump the oil and sell the oil for Iraq? OPEC has enough oil to supply the U.S. and the world for the duration of the war whether it is one month or six months. NO ONE SHOULD PUMP OR SELL OIL FOR IRAQI PEOPLE.

I bet some of these private contractors are from U.S., Britain, may be Australia, may be Turkey or any one who wanted to send troops into Iraq for a piece of the pie. Let me know if anyone find out who these contractors are.
Re: [oilrights] A war against Iraq? In reply to
I know there are some contractors from the US in the area to deal with the few wells that are on fire. There aren't many companies that specialize in that type of dangerous work. The one company name I know for sure that is there is "Boots & Coots".

Certainly there won't be any French, German, or Russian companies running around under the protection of coalition forces.

In order for any revenues to held in trust for Iraq by the UN, there have to be revenues in the first place. So I'm sure there are various coalition based companies looking at how best to achieve that in the short term.

I do know that Iraq's oil industry needs a lot of modernization and development. Who those contracts go to ultimately will have to be decided by the next Iraqi government.
Re: [Paul] A war against Iraq? In reply to
Who can? It may stem from the fact that the soldier is a Muslim (apparently). It's interesting to see the religion outweigh the loyalty to the American flag.
Re: [Argyll] A war against Iraq? In reply to
Personally, I find the outcome of the ground fighting in Iraq quite surprising so far. I thought the US would have a pretty easy time with the whole thing. But at times they seem to be struggling to go toe-to-toe with the Iraqis. They seem to prefer to wait for air support to clean things up for them rather than getting in there and mixing it up. The Iraqis seem to be pretty tough.

The US has the technology and the money to fight this war and win against an obvious inferior enemy. I wonder how they would fair against a North Korea, a Russia or a China. I think they would be a little nervous.
Re: [ArmyAirForces] A war against Iraq? In reply to
Well for the latest you definitely must be knowing what Someone Had To say at the "Academy Awards" function concluded just recently. Probably even that person (Michael Moore if i am not wrong) would be subjected to some unpleasant future as a consequence of that "Heart Felt" utterances perhaps!

The another thing would be that the so called Precision Guided Stuff is actaully undergoing that beta testing killing civilians in Syria, hitting UK War Planes, landing in Turkey etc etc as a consequence of "straying" (used comfortably by military experts just to cloak some ulterior motive) off its "Precision Guided Path". Its just a second stage testing after the Afghan episode (beta2 possibly).

Everyone talking of Geneva Convention and all that. Look who's talking the one who just didn't bother to go thru the gates of UN. Absolute hypocrisy. Well in civilised society where the law makers of society break the laws themselves, they are no less than terrorists (who also break the laws of society). UN was formed not to be Ignored and of all the Nations US ??? All the inspections, all the Hi Tech Survelience etc etc could not find a trace of stuff to substantiate the Stand and even International Atomic Energy Agency Challenged GBW for the convictions about Iraq pursuing NBomb policy.

How would one feel when one sees photograph of kids defaced (and still alive) as a consequence of those so called Precision Bombing. Actually if a monkey is given a sword what can be expected. That's what is happening in Iraq. Bombs all over the place all selectively televised so as to improve the popularity rankings. Media is controlled by Business Houses and so every action is business oriented (where bottomline attains top priority). So matters which get them good money gets reported.

Next beta testing would possibly be in N Korea......

And In Journalism....There is Yellow Journalism also. So maybe ppl who expose are subsequently made to resign, quit etc etc.....A thing of Normal happening in "Pseudo-Democratic World Order" where only the So Called Powerfull have the right to utter the others are silenced by any means whatsoever.

In democratic World Order every nation should be allowed to choose its own destiny. Barging upon other nation is new breed of Terrorism....Only Insane Go To War and Force War.
Re: [anup123] A war against Iraq? In reply to
War is a messy business, there is no doubt. A Syrian bus crosses a bridge in Northern Iraq and gets bombed. It's a war zone, they might not want to plan any outdoor picnics for the next few weeks either.

The UN is not inviolate nor is it particularly effective.

But you better watch out for the Black Helicopters, bugs on your phone, aliens hovering over your backyard. Who knows what they might be beta testing on you right now.
Re: [ArmyAirForces] A war against Iraq? In reply to
The UN is not inviolate nor is it particularly effective.

Who decides that? The World Order. Probably the "Inherent Interests Of Expansionism" of Bully Nations are not being met. So stage is set now for others to just disregard WTO etc etc.....

It's a war zone, they might not want to plan any outdoor picnics for the next few weeks either.

Hmmm .. Seems like the UK plane which was hit was also on a picnic stroll.

Oh yes... it seems that Turkey has got flexible Borders with Iraq. So that Precision Guided Stuff Landed in Turkey...

Nothing can be more inappropriate than having excuses for everything.

But you better watch out for the Black Helicopters, bugs on your phone, aliens hovering over your backyard. Who knows what they might be beta testing on you right now.

Normally I do not prefer to get personal. Don't worry my freind. Right from Nixon and Kissinger days down to GWB I don't think anyone could ever dare to do the testing on this country. This is not Afghanistan or Iraq or Bosnia etc etc. In fact could be more horrifying than the Vietnam experience and look what Vietnam has to say on this Unilateral Attempt of Intimidation. On the contrary, protection was asked for the floating military assett In Indian Ocean which has been rightly refused. And Yes we also have weapons of mass destruction tested without being detected by those toy planes in the space till final blast. Consequence.... So called UN Sanctions which least bothers the country.

Lets see if ever there are ventures in this Air Space. I know the administration must be aware how those so called "impenetrable tanks" supplied to Pakis were blown up to pieces in 1971. And off course B(liar) is by his side and no one would know history of being forced to leave this nation better than them.

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