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A post in honour of my grandmother....

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A post in honour of my grandmother....
This isn't intended to be a mushy post so I apologise if it seems that way.

I just thought I'd mention it as I've commented about the situation recently...

This morning at 7.55am my grandmother died. My parents are at her house at the moment looking for birth certificates etc so that why I have time to write this.

Out of all my family I could always rely on her to ask how I was getting on with my Internet ventures, she was always interested in what I was doing and always said if it didn't work out and she won the lottery she'd make me a millionaire.

She's had a long fight over the past three months but she couldn't take it any longer but thankfully she died without knowing as she gradually slipped into unconsciousness yesterday.

The last time I saw her was thursday night and she was telling a joke and thats how I'll remember her as she made everyone happy.

Anyway thanks for reading, Im going to stop there as Im getting a bit emotional.

Please don't feel obliged to reply, Im not doing this for sympathy.
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Re: [PaulW] A post in honour of my grandmother.... In reply to
If you don't mind my asking, did she pass b/c of an illness, or was it her time? Although you did not post this for sympathy my deepests are with you and your family.
Lavon Russell
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Re: [Bmxer] A post in honour of my grandmother.... In reply to
My grandmother died recently at age 90 or so. I think the only shame in it all is that the person who had been so strong and had so much life experience has to degrade to the point of losing control over his/her life and reverts back to infancy. She had her wits about her and had a wonderful sense of humor, often zinging remarks past people who had no idea she was even making a joke. I just hated to see her having to go into a nursing home where the unspoken [can't find a word for it - rule(?)] was that everyone was basically waiting to die.

Perhaps this is nature's way of preparing us for the eventual loss of a loved one so that by the time the end does come we are glad that there is an end to the suffering, etc.

I don't know...

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Re: [Watts] A post in honour of my grandmother.... In reply to

my grandmother (95?) also died last month, my wonderful family in Germany passed her from uncle to uncle until they all (5 uncles 1 aunt) decided to dump her in a home. My grandmother was a very strong woman, ... I guess 2 wars can do that to you ???

My father had volunteered to take her back home to California but the doctor's said the flight alone might kill her. ...

I wish I could remember her being kind and funny but all the remains are images of her strength, independence and battle prowess. When she was in her 80's she gave my grandfather a blackeye. When my father went back to Europe to spend a month with her, he mentioned that she was upset that she gave birth to 8 children, raised them, but yet only 1 child was willing to take care of her.

After my relatives dumped her in a home, they canceled her lease on her apartment. I guess that was one of the last straws ... I'm sure she new that going home after becoming sick was not possible but the idea that she still had a home had given her a reason to keep fighting.

She being a true to her family heritage -- refused to give in or beg her children for their few moments a month to stop by and visit -- preferred to die at her own time and in her own way.

since I was born and raised in the States and later moved to Japan, have never been lucky to enjoy am extended family life. My relatives live either in Germany or Denmark. I had wanted to go to the funeral but my father mentioned that 1.) he doubted that rest of the family would even bother 2.) he wasn't sure when the cremation would take place ... apparently it can take up to 3 weeks !!! errr ... this is my father's comment not mine but he was surprised too !!! "come on this is Germany we're talking about ... we're supposed to be experts at this sort of thing !!!" ... bad joke but my father has always had a dark sense of humor. When I told my father I was getting married to a Japanese girl -- my parents had hoped for a German girl -- he said, "At least she was an ally during the war." ... ahhh my dad.

She stuck out her middle finger to the rest of the family and jumped from her second story room's window.

Sorry for the long post but ...
I've been wanting to get this off my chest and sorry Paul if I barged in on a serios thread.

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile
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Re: [Bmxer] A post in honour of my grandmother.... In reply to
Thanks for the replies.


The main reason for the death was lieukaemia but the lieukaemia didn't kill her as it often doesn't with others who have it. It weakens the immune system so the sufferer is prone to infections etc. I think my gran died from a chest infection in the end Unsure

She was far from being a frail old lady. She was 78 and still used to ride a bike around our village, then she became ill in September and died yesterday. It was a pretty big shock.

Anyway thanks for sharing your stories too, I don't want people to think I think I'm the only one because I know many many people go through this.