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A littlle poll about Golf - Thanks

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A littlle poll about Golf - Thanks
Hi all,

I currently plan to write a French article about what is golf in programming. If it will be well done and if you are interested I would be glad to translate it in English.

As many of you are programmers, I have some questions, and all your replies would be much much appreciated.

1- Have you ever heard about what is Golf ?

(You can see an English page that gives an answer at http://www.perlfaq.com/.../view?view_by_id=154.)

2- What is your opinion about it ?

3- It seems the major part of programmers play Perl Golf. What about other programming tools such as Php, Cfm or Asp, do you know existing communities or forums that play with these languages ?

In Perl or other languages, would you be interested in playing Golf ?

Your replies would be much appreciated. Thank you !

Amicalement / Regards,
Gautier Girard.
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