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New SQL version

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New SQL version
Some years ago :-) Alex talked about the feature only build parts of links where necessary; in the last weeks there were a lot of threads about the new features, but nothing about this.
Would it be integrated? Cause we would cjange our whole cat-system we would have about 3000 cats !?
and this feature would help to minmize the thing a lot.

Another thing i have thought about:
If the new version let users do an add in multiple cats, you need the catlist with all cats; but when having about 3000 cats it is no fun to wait for such a long list - have someone an idea how to manage this without showing the whole list?
I see no good way to do it. Maybe with a list of only the main-level cats and a javascript-pop-up for the sub cats ...

Another thing is the add only in special cats; at the moment i have another field for every cat with yes/no; only when yes, the user see the add/mod-button; when the need of a list is given, i cant work with this way any longer.
Maybe there could be a way, when users add only in one cat; and if they would have it in another cat, they must enter this cat and give in an ID they get with the first entree. (I wont use the user-system at this time)
Or we use the user-system, but the user could do as editor the multiple entree like now, but before the damin has validate it. (and must validate it after.)


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