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Another User Record Limit Question

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Another User Record Limit Question
After changing the user record limit mod to allow only 1 record per week, I got to thinking that it might be okay to allow 2 records per week and, of course, the mod does allow that. However....this database is very closely related to another database I'm running. In that database, users are limited to one record per day; however, it is not with the same record limit mod. It is accomplished by setting each record ID to the user name plus the date (guest04-Jul-2000) so that if there's an attempt to enter another record on the same day, it results in a duplicate key error. I want these databases to share the pass file so users don't have to re-register since the databases are so closely related. Both databases are set up to allow the user to view, modify, and delete only his or her own entries. Will there be a problem created in the first database if I set the add permissions to 2 entries per week in the second database? I know I could change the record limit mod in the first database to match the second but it's working well and I hate to fix what's not broken. Because of the differences (1 record per week, etc), I did create a separate db.cgi file for the new database. The only way in which the first database should be affected is that the permissions would read 1,2,1,1,0 rather than 1,1,1,1,0. So, I suppose, after all this explanation, my question is will that create a problem? Or do I just want too much? Smile

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