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Can someone fill me in or tell me where I can get a comprehensive list of features?
Out-of-the-box Features include:

* Users can add, modify, and delete records
* Multiple levels of permissions for users (including adding, modifying, deleting, viewing, and administrating)
* Search engine (via keywords or individual fields)

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Looking at the demo and other live sites using the script hasn't helped much.
Did you even try out the demo and the admin features?

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Seems like there are a lot of "mods" available that might be cumbersome to sort through, it would be nice if the most popular/useful were included.
Mods are add-ons and you have to add them to your script. Most of the popular Mods can be accessed in the Resource Center, which is linked from the Support area of this site.

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How are these modules added?
Most of them are added by coding, uploading, coding, and uploading some more. Some of the Mods (like the Configurator) allows you to set-up your database files and scripts.

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Can the search results include an image link to another "details" page?
Yep...there is a short/long display Mod and also a File Upload Mod for images.

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Is there online documentation somewhere?
FAQs in the Resource Center and reading the Threads in the forums. And also there is a nice site called DBMan-ual produced by JPDeni, the DBMAN Forum Moderator.

This can be accessed at:


BTW: This site is linked in the Resource Center.


Eliot Lee
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