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Please, please,please

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Please, please,please
Hiho Alex, i set 10 Dollars, you get 1 Mio mails every day, with that only question the whole world wants to know:
When will it come?


Would it be a beta? (or is it still in testing by some people?)
What are the new features?
Is there a better user-managment?
Is there the real search-function with <x< < > 5 hits 5000 but not 456?
Is there a multiple cat adding?
Newsletter only for that cats i choose as user or
as i choose as admin.
Link the links to user or save user with any links, like my
mod to get an email with all entrees for one Mail-Ad in it.
So i user must get the mail first and delete or modify then;
with the linked information a function is possible to see all entrees i enter and the choice to edit or delete. (Cool stuff for a newspaper with a lot of redakteurs i plan)


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