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Re: Gossamer Mail and virtual servers.

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From what I've seen the mail program, it works in two ways.

1) you can set up individual POP (user) accounts. This would be for a company that wanted to allow employees to be able to access their mail from the web. It would _NOT_ be the best solution for a email-community, unless you were thinking of (or are) offering POP mail and user accounts to people who sign up.

2) it functions as a 'catch all' account. Let's say you have 35 of the email addresses you are allowed assigned. _AND_ you have the ability to send everything else not for one of those accounts to a cacth_all_account@mydomain.com What you do is set up this Email system to take all the mail that ends up in the catch_all_account and distribute it to "virutal" web-only user accounts. A cron job set at 2 (or any other) minute intervals does the actuall distribution.

The only question I have is what if you are using the catch-all account to get all the misdirected mail? I would like to see the ability to forward this back to a qmail POP address, so I could still pick up all mail that was then _NOT_ addressed to one of the virtual accounts <G>

Does this make sense.

Basically, all the mail that _ISN'T_ for a regular "user" goes to the web-mail program. It then distributes the mail to the web/virtual users. (I would then like to see all the mail that is not able to be distributed, forwarded _back_ to the real catch-all account <G>... a Texas Two Step).

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