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Password Modify Help

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Password Modify Help

I tried to install the Password Modify v1.0 for Links v2.0 from the Resources in Links : Modifications section.

But didnt have good luck.

i followed the instructions until i came to the point where it starts with:

In your site_html.pl you will have a lot of litle changes.
1) In your sub site_html_add_form you will have to add this option to the user:

There is no user section or i'm misunderstanding this. I mean where do i even place this?

Then in the part 2 section it says to create a sub called site_html_modify_first but it says he's not putting all the code there.

Whats all or the rest of the code?

Then in part 3 it says to change all the $in{'xxx'} to $rec{'xxx'}
but i couldnt even find it

All help is appreciated

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