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Header and Footers

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Header and Footers
I would like to have my own header and footer
html documents included with each category I create via Links 2.0.

I know that Links will "look" for the file name used in the Header field for a category.
I also know that Links will "look" in the admin/header and admin/footer directories for the file names contained in the Header and Footer fields for a category.

I created a directory in my admin directory called header. I uploaded, via CuteFTP, an html file called adminheader.html. I modified the single category I'm testing Links with to include the adminheader.html in the Header field. The links.cfg script is also set to use templets (maybe important??).

I would think that the html document I listed in the Header field for my single category would have been read in and used to build the category page as part of the Build process. However, my html header document dos not seem to be picked up and used.

Is there something else that I need to do? I thought that the header and footer fields were supposed to give you more influence over the look-fit-and-feel of Links.

I would appreciate any responses.

Thank you,

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