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Add link without jump.cgi

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Add link without jump.cgi
As I am trying to exchange links with other sites, I have encountered sites that require my reciprocal link to be up first. When I submit my link request, they spider my site looking for their link. Because Links adds links using jump.cgi, these sites do not find their reciprocal link, and refuse to let me add a link.

Is there any way to make Links add a link using the raw URL of the site, instead of using jump.cgi? I know that the link is defined in the link.html template. Is there a variable that can be used to cause substitution of the URL of the site in the link? I have checked the Links doc, the FAQ and the discussion boards and didn't find anything on this.

(I know that doing this would defeat the automatic "what's cool" feature. I can live with that.)

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