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Hackers Beware!

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Hackers Beware!
I am quite upset. This morning, at approximately 05:24 Pacific Time, someone attempted to delete and modify records in my database. They did not succeed.

Nevertheless, I am really PO'd. The person who did this was familiar with Links because he or she typed in all the parameters necessary to accomplish the action. If my admin directory had not been password protected, the changes would have been made. This tells me that someone who frequents these forums is the culprit behind these actions. I have enough information at my fingetips that I can track this person down and, rest assured whomever you are, if you try it again, I will track you down.

It is actions like this that make me wonder just why I even try to be helpful to people and to post mods that are useful. I am having second thoughts about doing so in the future. I do not take kindly to hackers, even those "just testing" my security.

I know where this hacker originated from and I have the address of his/her ISP. Be forewarned, I will take action the next time. I do not repeat warnings. Do not attempt to hack my system, my database, or any of my files. If you disregard this warning, you will soon regret it.
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