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Three questions
Okay, I've spent the day with Links and I will say that I'm very impressed. However I am having three problems that I need help with. I've read most all the posts and the FAQ so here goes...

1. When I do any building I get the following message:

Updating New and Popular Records . . .
What's New Cutoff: 14 days
Popular Cutoff: 8 hits
Updating record: 3, marking as new.
Updating record: 4, marking as popular (8).
Updating record: 4, marking as new.
Couldn't rename! Had to copy. Strange: Permission denied

Updating ratings ..
Couldn't rename! Had to copy. Strange: Permission denied

Nothing seems to be actually wrong but it still doesn't seem right. I've checked my permissions a couple of times and they seem to be fine.

2. I removed all references to style sheets and thinks seem to be fine. I'm actually referencing my own style sheet. However there are a few that I can't figure out:

-The "Top" link on all of the category pages (referenced by %title_linked%)
-The "What's New" links (referenced by %link_results%)
-The Categories in "What's Cool" (%link_results% again)

I was initially having problems with the normal category listings but found the spot in site_html_templates.pl to fix that. I would assume the other fixes are somewhere but I can't locate them.

3. The last one I haven't looked into as much but here goes. How do you add a URL that's more than 72 characters? The admin interface won't seem to let me do this.

Thanks for any help with these questions.
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