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Major help needed

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Major help needed
I have installed links on remote unix servers for web sites before.

However my boss has now got a new system Windows NT with a server he wants me to build a web site on the server, I have no experience with nt server and I am struggling.

I have downloaded active perl, and installed it in a directory


hence my top line should work

I have set the .cgi to point to perl in the associations

I have downloaded links and set it up the way I would for web sites!!

But when i get the link to admin.cgi it wants to download?????

I am lost when it comes to directory structures, i.e. where is the base directory when using path lines I am assuming it is the hard drive (incidentally) I am using drive 'D'

I have also tampered about with the slashes - back and forward slashes as I am aware they are different in windows and unix, how far do you go with this.

I am sorry I know I am asking a lot but if I could get something running I am sure I could work it out from there, I knew nothing about web sites a year ago and have now built three of which links is on them all.

Any help at all would be appreciated


Davy C :-)
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