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Please, please, please forgive my ignorance here. I can find my way around SQL, I know a little bit about OO programming, but I know next to nothing about Perl. I have a book that I'm trying to go through, but... in any case:

First of all, I tried inserting the code that you suggested. I inserted it in the sub main {} block under the "# Now let's send the user to the url.." section (I'm assuming that's where you were referring to) with the following code:

# Now let's send the user to the url..
if ($goto =~ /^news/ ) {
$goto ? print $in->redirect ($goto) : &error ("Record not found: $id");

else {

($goto =~ m,^http://,) or ($goto = "http://$goto");
$goto ? print $in->redirect ($goto) : return &error ("Record not found: $id");

When I use this, all my links (UseNet or HTTP) give me a Access Forbidden 403 error.

As far as what the jump to link looks like, is there somewhere besides the browser's address bar where I find this? The address bar and the html source both say


Once again, excuse my ignorance here. As I've stated in a previous post, this whole thing was thrown onto me with no background whatsoever. I know that I'm able to learn it all, but at the moment I honestly feel like I'm part of a LinkSQL clique where so much of what I don't yet know is assumed knowledge. This is no offense to anyone here, just how it feels. I'm doing my best to look through all of the online resources to find my answers, but it doesn't always work.

Thanks for your help!
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