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Accessing Attachments

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Accessing Attachments
First of all,

Thank you Alexander for your help on accessing attachments as outlined in

That was a great help.

I have a couple of other questions related to this same topic.

1. Although it's relatively easy to get attachments into the detail page (thank you Alexander) . How do we get them into a link. For example:

I'd like to be able to show an image next to my Link on a category page. How do I get it to be part of that link as is done in the admin section?
(ultimately I think the solution should allow for greater flexibility than just adding one image (i.e a list of links may include availability in several different
i.e .jpg, pdf, html, exe, .zip etc...) in which case a link should be able to like something like Title - Description - (Also available in .pdf, .exe., .jpg, .zip) where
they could be appropriately linked. My purpose is to allow for thumbnails, but I imagine others would have different uses.

My work around solution has been to manually add it as a field in my Links database, but that requires a manual insertion after the file gets uploaded and
it's quite time consuming when there are so many Links and Images to tie together. It just seems that there has to be a better or easier way of doing this.

Any ideas on this one. Where to begin, how to approach it etc...?

2. Is there anyway to get the size information of an image during the upload and store it in along with the servername, filetype and filesize. I notice when
you look at the page info for an image that it will tell you the image dimensions, so somehow that information must be known. Is there a variable one can
use to access it. (Browsers load a page more quickly if the dimensions of the image are known, so this information would of great use)

Thanks for your help.

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